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BEAUTY WORKS certified Salon.

Hair Extensions have evolved dramatically over the years and add so much more than length.
Several hair extension methods allow you to find your perfect fit, you can add thickness or length with a natural look.

We offer complimentary hair extension consultations where you Specialist will advise you of the most suitable method, colour match for the perfect blend and give you your personalised quote.
See below our price menus, and also our methods explained.
Prices below are a guide and could decrease or increases depending on your needs.

At Bei Capelli we have two Specialists in hair extensions, Phoebe who offers our Beauty Works methods that include Tape hair, Nano rings, Micro rings, Micro Weftand the BW Weave methods. We also have Ellie May offering Nano rings, Micro rings, Micro Weft using a Russian/Mongolian hair from our supplier.


Micro ring hair extensions offer an application with absolutely no glue, no heat and no braid. The hair extensions strands are placed into the hair with colour matching rings for a discreet look. You can add volume or length and mix colour blends by selecting multiple colours. This method offers longer term application and can last up to 3 months before reapplication. You can also maintain this method by having maintenance at 6-8weeks to eliminate the growth and bring your bead and hair back towards the root.

Nano ring  hair extensions are a tiny bond that attaches at the root of the hair with the smallest colour coded ring system available. Suitable for all hair types, the Nano Bond is ideal for users who like to have a full hairline from the front to the back. This no glue or heat method is ideal for users that want to experience extensions without the use of any chemicals and who require a longer term solution for length or fullness. Micro sized rings are used to secure the hair extensions in place for a comfortable, secure and healthy application.

Weft extensions are used to add volume and thickness. Professionally applied in salon, the weft design is a favourite among stylists because of the multi-use. Weft hair extensions are ideal for users with thin to medium hair types, to achieve maximum volume results.

Tape hair extensions are applied into the hairline by placing the extension directly on the root of the hair using lightweight tape-in hair extensions. Beauty Works tape extensions are more discreet and users are free to style their hair up or down without extensions feeling bulky or uncomfortable. Available in a wide selection of colours and lengths extensions offer an express service for women wanting to add colour, volume in specific areas or all round and lots of length if you wish.

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