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So what do you think?

Updated: Apr 28

My job is not always creating beautiful work in Bei Capelli, its creating the perfect platform for everyone to find us, and find out what they need to know! I have been using some of my spare time to give our website a NEW look. I would say its fresh, sleek yet minimalist.

Many clients know everything about us, but maybe there are a few new things you do not know? Did you know you can now book online?

Many clients know nothing about us, and you have just found us, BRILLIANT! Maybe google search "Hairdressers in Shirley" "Hair salon in Solihull", or maybe a referral from an existing client. Did you see Bei Capelli Shirley on the BBC "The One Show"?.

Have a peruse through the website, maybe something is missing? I would love your feedback. Blogging is something new for me, blogging is something new for Bei Capelli, but i would say its a fantastic way to keep you all up to date on the latest hair colours, the latest products, the lastest about the team and anything new you need to know... ENJOY!

All the best, Hannah.


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