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Breaking through

It's looking like we are all doing a tremendous job to keep safe and help bring the "R Level" down. Ultimately this results in good news, the reopening of more businesses and i am hopeful we should be set to reopen from the 7th July. I will be in contact with all of our clients that have had appointments booked, and need to be rearranged. For now ill share my top 10 tips to get you through this last stretch;

  1. L'Oreal Root Touch Up concealer spray.

  2. Zig zag your parting for a looser look, this will help hide the roots.

  3. Wear hairbands to disguise your roots... so good in this heat too.

  4. Be creative with Updo's and natural curls (See our Social Media).

  5. Trim your fringe if your really really need (See our Social Media).

  6. Remember over recent years trends have changed and clients have being requesting a "Root look", you may of heard of a "Root Drag"?

  7. Maintain your hairs health, Long hair L'Oreal "Pro longer", otherwise "Absolute repair" is absolutely perfect and they now do a "Lightweight" version.

  8. If your struggling with breakage invest in L'Oreal "Inforcer" Range.

  9. Carry out a hair mask once a week.

  10. Get excited... Pin all the hair looks you can't wait to try... Get inspired!

Stay Safe all and we can't wait to see you again soon. H x

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