(Appointments- all current booked appointments will be rearranged. If you did not have a booking but wish to have one when we re open please email to be added to our booking list).

Keeping you safe is our priority when visiting Bei Capelli.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to adapt and adjust operations within the Salon.

On your arrival to the Salon we would kindly ask that you would wait outside until the Reception area is clear. When entering the Salon a member of staff will take your temperature, ask you to sanitise your hands and ask you to wear one of our disposable masks.

Masks will need to be worn throughout the duration of your visit, unless exempt. We kindly ask clients to wear one of our disposable masks provided to minimise risk of infection within the Salon when working in close contact, and to avoid any damages to your own cloth masks during colour services.

During your visit we will be serving hot and cold refreshments, so you can still enjoy your much loved "Cappuccino". These will be served in disposable cups. Disposable gowns, or one use gowns will be used and disposed/laundered between use. We will also be using disposable towels were possible. 

We are making a conscious effort at Bei Capelli not only to keep us safe but recycling all disposables were possible.

Our cleaning regime in salon has always been vigorous but we have upped out anti even more so, each section will be sanitised, and every backwash chair for every client. All equipment will also be sterilised between each use for use on each client. All communal areas and handles are sanitised throughout the day.

The good news... Still enjoy your favourite refreshment in Salon reading our "NEW" digital magazines, so bring your I Pad or tablet and indulge in the latest reads.

Ourselves along with many other Hair and Beauty Salons across the UK will be charging a POST COVID fee for your visit.  We have really kept this to an absolute minimum to contribute towards the extensive costs incurred to keep the Salon operational yet safe for our Clients. The charge amount will be £3.00.

We would like to Thank all of our Client's for their continued support and loyalty during this difficult time. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us on reception@beicapelli.co.uk FAO Hannah/Diane.

Keep Safe!